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Autumn brings all your data together in a single view, allowing you to monitor, analyse, manage & control remotely

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A flexible and intelligent solution, Autumn’s cloud based dashboard enables organisations to manage, monitor, analyse and control their connected devices, with customisable dashboards, data management and big data storage solutions.

Supported by a library of connectors, Autumn is completely hardware agnostic ensuring your existing and future IoT hardware investments work together to deliver business savings.

The Software

An overview of how Autumn works and what you can do

Single View

Autumn allows you to see what is happening across all your data points giving you the overview to make smart decisions.

Connecting to Autumn

Connecting sensors and controllers to Autumn is done through the Autumn API or Autumn can connect to your existing cloud provider to consolidate your data.

Team Management

Offering an organisation down management solution, Autumn allows you to set permissions and workflows for different team members.

Data Storage

It’s your data so you maintain ownership of all your information. Autumn stores it securely for your future reference and makes it easy for you to export or connect with 3rd party systems.

Your devices

Autumn has been developed to work seamlessly with your existing IoT (connected devices) irrespective of their manufacture or how they communicate.

Data Security

While not all sensors are able to encrypt data as it’s transmitted we store it securely in our data centre when we receive it.

Feature Rich Dashboards

Your dashboard is your canvas to visualise your data
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Live data widget allows you to view your data in realtime, you choose the poll frequency.


Connect directly from your hardware to Autumn via the well documented API.

Provider Library

A continually growing library of connectors to connect you to 3rd party cloud providers.


Autumn is fulling responsive allowing for easy navigation on mobile, tablet and desktops.


The Autumn software development kit is community developed and available to view on github.


Create email and printable visual reports straight from your dashboard layouts.

Public Dashboards

Got data you want to share? Easily make your dashboards public and share via a short url.

Export Data

It's your data so we make it easy for you to export at anytime in json, xml or csv formats.


Dashboards are made up of configurable widgets our library of widgets will continue to grow.


Our enterprise solutions open up a world of options
Dedicated to your business.

Private Server

Our enterprise solutions are deployed to a private server instance to give clients dedicated server resources, enhanced security and reduced risk of downtime.

Never run out of resources.


Bandwidth, data storage and server resources are all scalable through the cloud hosted Autumn enterprise solution.

On call for when you need it.

Dedicated Support

Our enterprise customers have individual support they can call upon at any time to guarantee they are making the most of Autumn.

Who's it for

Autumn works to make your data smarter










When to use

Although Autumn’s interface is targeted towards environmental monitoring and control the underlying technology can be used in any smart tech situation. Using Autumn removes the pain of trying to pull together data from a range of sensors made by multiple manufacturers. With Autumn your data is delivered to you seamlessly to inform and support your business decisions.

Example Application

Autumn can support your needs in a variety of situations. For example, you currently have installed a water sensor, room temperature and key pass system. Rather than login to each system individually to view stats or download data You can connect all to Autumn either via the API or have Autumn collect data from their cloud service.

Device maker / Developer

Device makers: Manufacturing connected devices and need a cloud UI to support them? We can offer a white label version of Autumn's feature rich dashboard to your customers. With the added support of our team, Autumn gives you the time to focus on your product development.
Developers: Prototyping and developing connected devices? Autumn can offer you our feature rich dashboard to develop with. You will be able to connect your development boards using our well documented API and open source SDK libraries and give your product a head start.

Pricing Details

Our pricing plans to cover your needs

Free Trial

  • Shared host
  • Forum Support
  • 1 Users
  • 5 Sensors
  • 5 Controllers
  • 1GB inc Bandwidth
  • 1GB inc Storage
  • 24hour Storage inc
  • Upgrade any time (Ad-ons Available)
$FREE15 days
*No credit card required.
$14.99USD per month after 15 days.
Upgrade any time.

Mid Size

  • Cloud Server Instance
  • Addons Available
  • Email Support
  • 5 Users
  • 15 Sensors
  • 15 Controllers
  • 5GB inc Bandwidth
  • 25GB inc Storage
  • 30day Storage inc


  • Cloud Server Instance
  • Add-ons Available
  • Email Support
  • 10 Users
  • 25 Sensors
  • 25 Controllers
  • 10GB inc Bandwidth
  • 50GB inc Storage
  • 365day Storage inc


  • Dedicated server instance
  • Scalable solution
  • Priority Support
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Sensors
  • Unlimited Controllers
  • Metered Bandwidth
  • Metered Storage
  • Life Storage
Tiny - Developer, Start-up & Educational plans starting at $14.99USD per month. Buy Now
Please note: Mid, Heavey and Custom plans take our engineers a little bit of time to setup. We will do our best to get you started ASAP. Sorry for the delay.


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