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Welcome to Autumn.
Making the most of your data.

Save money and time. Combine data from your connected sensors and third party platforms to gain insights into your productivity and profitability.

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Autumn delivers data management tools and calculators tailored to provide solutions for environmental monitoring.

Develop customised dashboards for ongoing monitoring, analysis and storage of your on-site data, alongside third party data.

Access your data from anywhere with a flexible and intelligent cloud based data management solution.

Hardware neutral, Autumn ensures your existing and future hardware investments will grow together to deliver insights and savings.

Who's it for

Those who want smarter data








Layers of Data

Combine data to give a complete overview

Remove the hassle of trying to pull together data from a range of sensors. With Autumn your data is delivered to you in a single place for review and reporting.

Data Layers


By combining data feeds you can get a clearer picture of the resources you are using.

Value potential

This combined data will give you an overview of your properties value potential.

Cost of crop

Understand the cost of crop production down to the hectare highlighting possible improvements.


Giving you the tools to be able to forecast up coming seasons based on the data of the past.

Farming Timeline

Collating data throughout the agricultural process

Whatever you are producing, growing or monitoring, technology assists you in tracking and collating data across the environmental monitoring process. Use Autumn alongside your existing sensors and hardware to gain insights into your business and environment, while taking advantage of Autumn's unique data handling capabilities to ensure you can keep up to date with the latest hardware innovations.

The Software

How Autumn works and what it can do for you.

Single View

An overview of what is happening across all of your data sources gives you the knowledge to make smart decisions.

Connecting to Autumn

Connect sensors and controllers to Autumn through our API and use Autumn to connect to your existing cloud providers to consolidate your data.

Team Management

Set permissions for your team members to maintain control of your data and intellectual property.

Data Storage

Securely store your data, easily export it and connect with third party systems. You maintain ownership of all of your data to use when and how you need to.

Your hardware

Developed to work with your existing connected devices, no matter which manufacturer or how they communicate.

Data Security

Storing all of your data securely once it is received, even if some devices are unable to transmit it securely.

Feature Rich Dashboards

Create specilaised visualisations of your data.
dashboard 3d


Live data widgets allow you to view your data in realtime. You control how often you want to receive new data.


Connect directly from your hardware to Autumn via our API.

Provider Library

A continually growing library of connectors links Autumn to third party cloud providers.


Fully responsive solution allowing you to stay in touch with your data on mobile, tablet and desktop.


Software development kit is community developed and available to view on github.


Create email and print reports straight from your custom dashboard layouts.

Public Dashboards

Share your data without giving away login details via the public dashboard functionality.

Export Data

Export your data at anytime in json, xml or csv formats.


Dashboards are created from a continually growing library of customisable widgets.


DIY and fully managed plans to suite your needs


Go it alone
DIY path will give you a taster of what the platform can do. Documents provided to help you get started. Scripts to connect your devices and tutorials to help you connect the 3rd party platforms.
    • Community based support
    • Some tech knowledge required
    • Have time to learn
    • Low usage
    Start Free Trial
    *No credit card required.
    $14.99AUD per month after 15 days.
    Upgrade any time.


A managed solution
We build custom solutions for customers requiring support that includes on boarding, data mapping, management, and ongoing support to make sure you get the most out of Autumn. • Support to get you started
• Ongoing support
• Reporting
• Data management
To make sure we put together a solution that meets your needs we run through a few steps. Enquire

Enterprise & Hardware Developers

Our enterprise solutions open up a world of options
Dedicated to your business.

Private Server

Our enterprise solutions are deployed to a pivate server to ensure you have dedicated server resources, enhanced security and reduced risks of downtime.

Never run out of resources.


Bandwidth, data storage and server resources are all scalable through the cloud hosted enterprise solution.

On call for when you need it.

Dedicated Support

Enterprise customers have access to extra support to guarantee they are making the most of Autumn.


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